Lukas Müller Psychotherapie

Lukas Muller, lic. phil., Zurich
licensed, FSP-certified clinical psychologist
ZSR: E965831
GLN: 7601003938210

I'm well-grounded and broadly experienced in realms like:

  • six working languages
  • psychological & psychosomatic stresses
  • trauma
  • migration, integration
  • bicultural couple therapy
  • support for relatives

what you can expect from me:
  • empathy, unconditional positive regard, calmness
  • sincerity, respect
  • culturally sensitive humanistic approach
  • confidentiality, secrecy, discretion
  • regular evaluation of therapeutic processes
  • networking with experts and institutions as required
  • activation to:
  • goal, decision & solution finding
  • action planning for the purpose of stabilization and improvement
I am looking forward to an instructive and creative cooperation in the promotion of development and healing processes.